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•The Results
The integrity of The Noah Plan® lies within the last seventy years of research of primary source documents from our nation’s founding era. The resulting curriculum has been tested for over twenty years at the Foundation’s national demonstration school. The Principle Approach® movement has produced many schools nationally and internationally, and the Foundation’s Teaching Services trains Principle Approach teachers and parents.

Schools that Form Christian Character in Children
It takes credible Christian scholarship to yield Christian leadership. At our demonstration schools, the students’ education is characterized by both academic excellence and a Biblical worldview that equips students for Christian leadership. Both features are imperative for a strong, Christian education.
Academic Excellence—results from a Principle Approach demonstration school:
  • Classes for 13 years average 1200 on College Board scores
  • From 1993–2009, 12% of the high school graduates have received the National Merit Achievement Award (three times the national average of alumni who have earned this distinction)
  • Students attend the most highly acclaimed universities and colleges, as well as receiving appointments to top military training programs
Set Apart:
Communication and reasoning skills are a top priority in the Principle Approach education experience. For example, the thesis is the culminating project for graduating seniors. Recent topics include:
  • Immigration & Poverty: Effects on the American Economy from a Biblical Worldview
  • Holy War: What Would God Say About the War in Iraq?
  • The Macro & Micro Impact of Outsourcing America
Biblical Worldview
The Noah Plan uniquely features providential history, classical literature, and Bible as Reader programs to build a lasting Biblical worldview in students. A school that adds a Bible or Religion course to an otherwise secular curriculum does not provide a comprehensive Biblical education.  Principle Approach demonstration schools test their students to ensure that the education they are receiving truly imparts a solid Biblical worldview.

PEERS Test Results from a Principle Approach School
The PEERS Test, a tool designed by the Nehemiah Institute, assesses the Biblical worldview of Christian students in public schools, Christian schools, and Principle Approach schools. The test, functioning like a "Biblical worldview SAT,” compares the students’ beliefs in the following spheres of life—politics and government, education, economics, religion, and social issues. The test is significant because it reveals that the trend toward an increasingly worldly, humanistic, and even socialistic church is not only holding strong, but growing.
Students in Principle Approach schools consistently score highest on the test, placing them in the "Biblical Theism Worldview” category.  Many students from other Christian schools score in the "Secular Humanism Worldview” range.

What kind of worldview do your students have? Your teachers? Your parents? Your church community? To learn more about the ministry of the Nehemiah Institute and the PEERS Test, visit Click here for the most current PEERS test results chart.

Resources for Achieving Principle Approach Results:
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