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• Prayer for Our Children
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Our Father God, your people appeal to you now on behalf of families and children in our nation and community. We acknowledge that it is Your Father’s heart reflected in us that enables us to love family life and to delight in our children. We thank you for that privilege and joy in our lives.

We acknowledge that you put the family at the foundation of society, and that our community is only as strong as the families that comprise it.

We confess that our children are our hearts and in many ways the heart of our community. They are the treasure of our nation and the hope for tomorrow. More importantly, the Lord Jesus has called our children His lambs and entrusted them to our care and nurture for this life and for eternity. What an awesome responsibility we have been given.

We acknowledge that in your Word you have given us very clear laws and principles concerning the correct order of families, of the role of parents, and of the education of children. It is our variance from your Word, from your law and principles that shame us and frustrate us today.

When we hold the present state of our community’s families and children up to the standard of your Word, it cannot be denied that we are an apostate people.

We stand today in a place of prayer raising our voices with hope and in faith. Yet we know that contrition is required –repentance – and a sharp and irreversible turn towards truth and righteousness.

We despair that our families are afflicted by a culture all too often hostile, not only to your Word, but hostile towards the very values that build strong and effective families. We pray for an awakening in our culture to Truth. we pray specifically:

  • For individual families in our community—our neighbors that You would strengthen and empower them by your grace towards wholeness and righteousness and we ask you to give us the hearts to care for and serve them.
  • We pray that you would bring light into the darkest corners of our community to deliver children from the dangers and snares of the enemies of their souls.
  • And we pray for ourselves, for the courage to stand for truth in the education of our children, the courage to honor your Word in every area of our lives, particularly in the teaching of our children, that we might impact the generations to come for your glory.
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