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• Your Role as a Home Educator
God calls all parents to train their children in His law. Based on God's commands to parents, education falls in their jurisdiction. Parents fully embrace this high calling when educating their children at home. When every discipline is taught directly by the parent, he or she can ensure that a Biblical worldview provides the framework for understanding each subject.

The Foundation is committed to serve and equip home educators in their vital God-ordained role. The Principle Approach® method to education is the best method to teach the Biblical worldview and apply God's truths in every subject. With this unique method, not only is the Biblical worldview the framework for understanding each subject, but in each lesson, Biblical principles are taught that expand and enrich the Biblical understanding of that subject.

The Principle Approach also features the tutorial method. Foundational to this method is the principle of Individuality—each child is uniquely created by God. Each child therefore has his own set of learning styles, challenges and skills. A home educator has the opportunity to customize each lesson to the needs of each child and the Principle Approach is designed for just this purpose! Each student is given the opportunity to excel and best of all, to love learning.

When using the Principle Approach, the home educator (the teacher) will learn as he prepares and teaches each lesson. We call this the "Teacher as Learner" concept. The students learn from the personal growth, knowledge, experience and stories of the teacher so, he is a "Living Textbook."

The Principle Approach teaches your student how to learn. He will acquire the reading, research, application and writing skills necessary to study on his own. The Principle Approach is the best preparation for higher learning! After your child graduates from his home education, he will be prepared for college and all future academic pursuits.

The character formed in your child will be the priceless and enduring hallmark of their Biblical, Principle Approach education.
To explore or receive training in the Principle Approach, join The Commonwealth—a community committed to this excellent method of education.
If the Principle Approach is a new idea, begin with joining the Principle Approach Commonwealth CommUNITY  that gives you access to video, PowerPoint presentations and dozens of informational pieces including sample lessons.

The Principle Approach is a great way to teach, but it is an even better way to learn. I have become a student again, and my learning is rich and deep.

T.M., teacher

I must tell you that I am enjoying teaching using the Priciple Approach so much! It is so user friendly and guides the teacher rather than dictating.

S.L., homeschool mom

I’m new at incorporating the Principle Approach to our learning center curriculum. However, after 1 month of thorough study and one quarter of practical application, I already see the results I was expecting. It is my desire to encourage parents, teachers and administrators to look into the Principled Approach, a philosophy of education that truly inspires young people to learn God’s way.

J.A. teacher

If you’re ready for a more in-depth look, take the Noah Plan Self-Directed Study that gives you the essential tools as downloads for learning the basics of Principle Approach education. Enrolling in this course gives access to the "Exploring the Principle Approach” forum where you can meet and talk with others.

I really valued reading the Homeschool Companion by Joni Harsh. Although I must admit, it still left me rather hungry for more! It was an excellent place to start.


If you’ve decided to equip yourself by taking the basic course, The Philosophy & Methods of the Principle Approach: Foundations (the introductory course that enables the teacher or parent to practice the Principle Approach)  gives access to the "Understanding Principles” forum where you can meet others, discuss ideas and contribute to the movement. The Foundations I course from the Foundation for American Christian Education revolutionized my teaching.

The pieces previously missing in my instruction seemed to shine with a bright light. When I began to reason from cause to effect in my own teaching, I could then pass that along to my students. I began to start my teaching with higher level thinking rather than looking for a way to "tack” it on. My classroom continues to grow each day because of this experience. It launched me on a continual journey of discovering God’s truth in every aspect of every subject.

M.H., Principle Approach Educator

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