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Principle Approach® Commonwealth Schools


What is a Principle Approach School?

Where are the Principle Approach Schools?

These questions are familiar to the Foundation.  Now we have a way for schools to voluntary align with the vision and mission of the founders of the Foundation for American Christian Education—to restore the nation by adopting the philosophy and methods of education intended to restore Christian self-government and character to the individual, to families, to churches, and to the nation.  Become a Principle Approach Commonwealth School!

By joining with the Foundation through a Group Master Account, your school can show its intent to be a Principle Approach School by providing essential teacher training and sharing in the community of individuals, families, schools, and other representatives across the nation and around the world in the growing Principle Approach Commonwealth CommUNITY.  Participation by schools facilitates the building of a community of learners and teachers and cultivates a culture of Christian scholarship and leadership that will "move the movement of the Principle Approach.”

A hallmark benefit to schools is unlimited access by all school faculty to the Principle Approach Training Series—the essential basic training in the authentic Principle Approach.  Each person identified by the school as a subaccount member will have a personal account which enables him or her to access the online courses from any computer at any time.  In addition, he or she can peruse the extensive resource libraries, engage in conversations in the blogs, pose questions and answers in the forums, and post samples to help and inspire others.

Principle Approach Commonwealth Schools also enjoy these features and benefits:

GROUP HOME PAGE: Your school will have a custom home page in the Commonwealth that becomes the place where your faculty and other group members go for information, support, and training at any time and from any computer.  It also serve as a means of securing the school legacy by providing consistency in equipping the mission from year to year through archived records, models, samples, and other documents.

Build your own GROUP PAGES to create libraries and collections for your private group members.  For example, you can post

    • Professional development plans and documents
    • Faculty manuals and handbooks
    • School calendars, schedules, and event programs
    • Accreditation and strategic improvement plans and timelines
    • Staff memos and announcements
    • Videos of presentations, chapels, ceremonies, celebrations, special days and training sessions
    • Standards and samples (e.g., grading rubrics, manuscript formats, project guidelines, notebook components, evaluations forms)

Host GROUP BLOGS where your members can post questions, answers, insights, and reflections on a variety of topics

    • A book you are reading together as a school community
    • A regular post from key perspectives like "From the Principal's Office"
    • Staff devotional messages, prayer requests, and praise reports
Create FORUMS for ongoing discussions by grade level, subject areas, departments, strategic initiatives, Master Teacher levels, and other topical discussions specific to your school community
Create PHOTO GALLERIES to document school events or highlight individuals and groups

    EXPANDED APPLICATION and DISTRIBUTION PERMISSION of SITE MATERIALS: Gain broader access to and application of Principle Approach training and informational resources to equip individuals in their various roles

    For teachers 
      • Provide faculty orientation by giving new teachers a "virtual" tour of the written record of your school housed in the libraries, blogs, forums, and photo galleries
      • Cultivate Principle Approach Master Teachers by giving them unlimited, anytime, anywhere access through personal log-in accounts to the various courses in the Principle Approach Training Series and other resources in the Commonwealth CommUNITY
      • Support teachers with a broader CommUNITY of individuals associated with the Principle Approach from whom to learn and with whom to share
      • Honor teachers by highlighting their contributions to the school's mission and/or posting examples of excellence they've produced in your GROUP PAGES as well as in the broader Commonwealth CommUNITY
      • Promote teachers as mentors and trainers in the Principle Approach by encouraging their online participation and recommending them for resource development projects.
      • Certify Master Teachers of the authentic Principle Approach using the FACE Master Teacher Pathways Program

    For school board members and staff

      • Use the presentations and resource materials to provide orientation and training appropriate to the governance and support these individuals provide the school

    For parents 

      • Providing comprehensive parent orientation and training with Principle Approach presentations and print material  available in the Commonwealth and assembled in your Group Home
      • Print informational documents for admissions and enrollment packets  or other school communications
      • Include copy-ready articles in school newsletters and on school websites; provide links to parent resources on the FACE website
      • Recommend that parents join the Principle Approach Commonwealth CommUNITY—it's FREE!
    For students 
      • When deemed appropriate, Principle Approach Commonwealth School teachers may use all or part of the online courses and print materials with students to develop the skills and habits of Christian scholarship
      • Supply an archive of excellent models and samples of student projects, papers, notebooks, essays, etc.
      • Honor students by posting their work as exemplars
      • Feature student scholars in PHOTO GALLERIES and GROUP BLOGS and FORUMS


    For the community


      • Host presentations and distribute publications for key groups in your local community 



      • Recognition by FACE in various media and publications as a Principle Approach Commonwealth School with feature links on the website and client referrals
      • A PRINCIPLE APPROACH COMMONWEALTH SCHOOL certificate to display in the school
      • 20% discount* on FACE publications; additional discounts may apply for bulk orders (terms apply)
      • Commonwealth School discount pricing for virtual and on-site fee-based training tailored to the school’s training needs including FACE conferences and workshops
      • Permission for use of Principle Approach® registered trademark on school promotional materials
      • Unadvertised discounts, promotions, and special events for Commonwealth Schools only
      • Permissions for posting for faculty and staff positions in the Commonwealth CommUNITY
      • Discount on PEERS testing and other materials from the Nehemiah Institute
      • Training and technical support for group administrators
      • Flexible member management allows easy addition and deletion of subaccounts
      • Special enrollment discounts for NEW and TRANSITIONING schools for their first year as a Principle Approach Commonwealth School
      • Enrollment discounts for "veteran" Commonwealth Schools that are classified as Principle Approach Demonstration Schools for the contribution of valuable assets to the Principle Approach School Resource Center as model documents and tools for other schools

      A Principle Approach Commonwealth School is for one year from the date of enrollment and renewable annually.

      The annual fee is based on school size, (i.e., student enrollment) as of the most recent October 1 count date. 

      Click here to complete a Principle Approach Commonwealth School Group Membership Worksheet.

      *Discount must be applied at the time of purchase and is not valid on previous purchases. Discounts may not be combined with other specials and are not applicable to packages and some products.  Please call for details when ordering.  The discount expires when membership expires unless renewed.

      † New schools are those just starting their first year of operation and have no enrollment data for setting fees; a proper fee will be determined by FACE working with the school's administration and leadership.  Transitioning schools are those making the shift to the Principle Approach philosophy and methodology and elements of the Noah Plan® Curriculum.

      ‡ Demonstration schools have a history and relationship with the Foundation and are able and willing to share key school documents and other resources that demonstrate the application of the Principle Approach philosophy and methodology to school organization, operations, policies, and procedures.

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