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The more significant the desired blessing,
the greater the sacrifice required to secure it.

Ignorance, confusion, and complacency undermine the national character and contribute to the drift from the Biblical principles that built the nation and have served to bless all mankind as a model of liberty.  The temptation is to believe too much has been lost—that we have been carried along too far from the hope of restoration.  While there is no quick fix, no easy solution to our society's many and varied problems, as long as Christians retain the principles that our nation was founded upon, there is hope for the survival and growth of civil liberty, and the return of the character and wisdom that hallmarked our nation's founding.

To regain lost ground and reassert our Biblical and historic foundations, we can no longer give our consent—tacit or active—to the ongoing invasion of the vain, postmodern philosophies that have pervaded every aspect of our lives and worldview.  Each of us must be restored to the Biblical principles and then "re-found" these in each generation.  The liberty of Christ expressed in the civil sphere by our constitutional republic is our stewardship.  Exercising Christian self-government is our responsibility.  Proclaiming the sovereignty of God and reclaiming our sovereignty as individuals created in His image and as a nation is our duty.  Equipping the next generation to do the same is our mandate.

We each have a role to play and have been specifically designed and Providentially placed, "for such a time as this


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