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The Teaching Philosophy

The most distinct and authentic quality
of Principle Approach® education is that
it makes the teacher a living textbook.

In actuality, "A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly trained will be like his teacher.” (Luke 6:40) The mandate to Christian parents is to disciple their children to Christ. Whether in the home or school setting, the teacher’s own character, scholarship and spiritual maturity in Christ form the potential discipleship in the student. Therefore, the Principle Approach teacher has the task of, first being discipled, then discipling; of, first learning, then, teaching. 

MYTH vs TRUTH  Currently, "educators” depend upon programs to "teach,” or technology  to "teach,” or an assortment of bells, whistles, dog and pony shows, or pop-culture-laden visual stimulation to "teach." Such implements do inform and, absolutely, do form character—but what level of information and what kind of character? The mandate to be discipled to Christ forecludes dependence upon inferior and, usually, counter-productive materials or programs. The Bible is the one, irreplaceable, essential, powerful tool of educating our children in every subject. The Bible provides the philosophy of education from which flow both the methodology and the curriculum to form the Christian character and Biblical worldview in the student. 

TRUTH vs ERROR  Currently, Christian parents and teachers err when they believe they can teach their children the Bible as a separate body of knowledge, then teach the other subjects in a secular context. To thoroughly disciple our students, all subjects are taught from a Biblical base. All knowledge is God’s knowledge; therefore, God is the source of all knowledge. To secularize any area of knowledge is to set a stronghold of oppositional philosophy in place.

The Noah Plan® curriculum begins with educating the parent or teacher in the Biblical philosophy of education, the Principle Approach, then equipping the teacher with the tools of liberation to be truly the living textbook.

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