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Lydia Huntley Sigourney: Fueling the Torch of Christian Liberty Lydia Sigourney as a character model for women and the gift of writing that gave her influence.

The Law of Nature in John Locke's Writings A look at the man Jefferson called "one of the three greatest men that ever lived.”

God's Gift of His Word through the Life & Labors of Translator William Tyndale This article gives the character and work of William Tyndale.

Benjamin Franklin: Scientist & Statesman A character study of Benjamin Franklin that illustrates the impact of his life.

The Duty of GrandparentsThis article describes the contributions of Grandparents in the FACE Journal, volume IX, several articles now appearing in this list of resources.

An Annotated Grandfather's Chair – This article gives excerpts for children from Hawthorne’s delightful work of stories from history in which the chair tells the stories.

Calling to Remembrance the Unfeigned Faith & Example of Martha Custis Washington Upon Her Granddaughter, Nelly Custis – This article demonstrates how faith became a living principle in the Washington grandchild, Nelly Custis through the model and love of her grandmother.

First in War, First in Peace, First in the Heart of His Granddaughter – This article gives a view of the relationship between a grandfather and a granddaughter and its impact.

Wartime Love Letters – A testimony to the power of letters in a family heritage.

Tales of a Grandfather – Mrs. Schultz, biographer of Walter Scott, picks "a single bloom from a field of beautiful flowers” presenting James V as enlivened by the great story teller.

Tales from a Grandmother – Mrs. Schultz’ "Saturday Child” hears life-changing stories—the impact of a grandmother upon a child.

Grandparenting with Noah Webster – This article explains Noah Webster’s goal for American and how Grandparents are a key influence.

Pilgrim History Play – An original play used in the study of the Magna Charta.

Two Opposing Philosophies of Government – This chart helps you compare the constitutional federal republic and the progressive socialistic democracy philosophies.

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