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Dear Friend of the Foundation,

Thomas Jefferson"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization,
it expects what never was and never will be.
" Thomas Jefferson

"A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know
and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved.
It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.
" Benjamin Franklin


Our Founders knew that the greatest threat to our liberty would be ignorance. And Americans are awakening to this truth once again.

Recently at a gathering in my local community, I was visited by dozens of Virginians who commented: "We need to know the things you’re teaching about the Christian history of the Constitution!" Last month, the rally on the Washington Mall where hundreds of thousands gathered to re-affirm the Christian-Judeo roots of America and to restore her honor indicated the same phenomenon: Americans from every state and commonwealth are ready to acknowledge and acquire knowledge of their unique history and form of government.

The battle of our age is one of philosophies because we have neglected to teach succeeding generations the truths of liberty. Only by restoring the foundations by re-learning the philosophical underpinnings of American liberty can it be preserved, restored and perpetuated. And now, in the present political climate, ignorance has been recognized and knowledge is in demand. This is an opportunity we cannot neglect and a prime time for the Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) to provide that knowledge necessary to restore the Republic! It is the FACE mission to teach Americans the source of their liberty by publishing and promoting America’s Christian history and principles of government.

At FACE, we stand ready with books, training, on-line courses and other resources to equip teachers, parents, pastors and leaders with the knowledge needed to restore the character and conviction of our nation. Our K–12 Noah Plan® Curriculum, with Christian history and government as its centrepiece, is available to schools and homeschools across the nation and the world. The original, unabridged, facsimile edition of Noah Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language is in its twenty-second printing, thus providing the vocabulary of liberty of the Constitutional era. You can experience the wealth of resources at where our online catalogue is featured.

But there is more we must do at this moment in history to seize the moment—to teach America.

You will vote in November. You will choose representatives to express and enact your views of how this land is to be governed. Electing conservative leaders should herald a return to Constitutional government, but only if your elected leaders know and can apply the principles of liberty that will affect your finances, your future and your freedom.

At FACE we have the tools to equip your representatives with the knowledge and wisdom to decry the rule of tyranny and exalt the ideals of liberty. We have the Treasury of Liberty, a collection of two essential books that we intend to supply with your help to every elected representative in every state and at the national level:

The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America: Christian Self-government documents of the Biblical roots and historic march of civil liberty that has had its grandest expression in America’s Constitutional Republic.

The Bible and the Constitution, published to commemorate Reagan’s Year of the Bible, is a compilation from primary sources of the influence of the Bible upon the writing of the U.S. Constitution and its forebearers.

With the books we’ll send the Liberty vs. Tyranny Chart contrasting the philosophy of American constitutional government and the philosophy of progressive socialism (aka, The Modern Tyrant of Big Government and Loss of Individual Liberty).

At a time when Americans are re-examining the principles of government and realizing the slow demise of the sovereignty of the individual and liberty of conscience, every elected representative must have these books in hand. Your contribution will deliver the two volumes and chart in the Treasury of Liberty to a representative at the state or federal level in time for reading before taking office and beginning a new year of wise and enlightened leadership in 2011.

We find ourselves in strange and exciting times. Never in our history has there been such a determination among the people to reclaim the roots and principles of American liberty. That determination must find substance in a true understanding of what comprises our liberty, how it is defined, and how it must be maintained and perpetuated. Partner with us to send every representative this essential message of liberty to speak for you at all levels of civil government.


Carole Adams


P.S. This moment in history is one that offers opportunity like none other in our lifetime. Thank you for taking the initiative to instruct and equip those who represent you with the voice of truth and wisdom.


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