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• Christian History & Government

It is your duty as a citizen to know, reason from and vote according to the principles of American liberty. Those principles of government appear in the context of His Story—Christian history—and must be learned and taught in each generation. From this page, discover how you can participate and what you can study to inform yourself. Select from a large number of free resources and find tools to arm yourself in the defense of the U.S. Constitution—the bulwark of our liberty.

 "The Constitution has but two enemies, whether foreign
or domestic, who are in the least to be feared.

The first of these is ignorance—ignorance of its contents,
ignorance of its meaning, ignorance of the great truths on which
it is founded and of the great things that have done in its name.

And the second is indifference—the sort of indifference
which leads many people, otherwise well enough behaved,
to ignore both the rights and duties of citizenship.”

(John W. Davis, July 1925)


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