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2016 Year-End Report
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O Come Let Us Adore Him

Teaching and Planting Seeds of Liberty
Major FACE Initiatives 2016

For over 50 years the Foundation for American Christian Education and patriots like you have fought side by side using a potent arsenal of weapons to overcome darkness with the Light of Truth. This year we have continued our mission to anchor our children to the truth of America’s Christian founding and Biblical heritage through safeguarding His Story, teaching Biblical principles and America’s Christian history, and planting seeds of self-government by publishing a Biblically-based curriculum to restore Biblical principles and Christian character to our Republic. As you read about our 2016 initiatives and projects, prayerfully consider partnering with us to help carry out our mission to rescue our children from a perverse and morally-corrupt worldview. Your support is deeply appreciated and gratefully acknowledged. Together we can restore to our nation the blessings of truth, liberty, and self-government by teaching the children. Together, we can restore to our Republic the blessings of liberty and the ideas of self-government specified in our U.S. Constitution.

Lessons In Liberty Lecture Series This critically important outreach supports our mission of teaching and training. The lecture series features a guest presenter each month, an expert that speaks to the issues faced by our nation, teaching from a principled and Biblical viewpoint. The lectures are offered at the Hall-Slater Library and Teaching Center or can be accessed through live streaming or online. We have reached many around the globe including Australia and Africa.

The Noah Plan® an academic curriculum designed and tested for over 50 years and published by FACE is not only producing academic excellence and scholarship in students, but also provides bedrock Biblical worldview principles for our children. As measured by the PEERS test, students taught from a Principle Approach® curriculum score the highest in a Biblical worldview position. New families and schools adopt this excellent curriculum each month.

Commonwealth CommUnity is an online resource that features blogs and forums for sharing questions, ideas, strategies, samples and reflections to support the Principle Approach® philosophy and methodology. There is no charge for membership which includes access to hundreds of resources posted on the FACE website, and is suitable for Christian school teachers, administrators, homeschool parents, pastors and others in Christian educational and leadership roles.

The Hall-Slater Library and Teaching Center founded by Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater is a bulwark against the erosion of liberty. It contains over 12,000 volumes of primary sources relating to predominantly British and American colonial history and literature through the time of the establishment and settlement of the American Constitutional Republic. The purpose for organizing and housing the library is to promote serious primary-source study of America’s early colonial and constitutional history in order to safeguard the republican foundations of our religious and civil liberty.

Renewing the Mind Teacher Training Annual workshop designed to equip classroom teachers and homeschool parents with practical methods and skills to revolutionize their teaching using the Principle Approach method. Participants are inspired, enlivened and enriched to teach their students in all subject areas by Biblical truth.

Reason for Hope Conference This annual, inspiration-packed event features nationally known speakers and addresses the vital first principles of our nation. Attendees deepen their understanding of American Christian education and government, receiving insight and understanding to solve the tangled threats we face in our world today.

FACE Publishing A key aspect of the mission of FACE is to keep in print the seminal volumes documenting the Christian principle upon which our nation is founded. These books, fondly dubbed the “Red Books”, are dedicated to each American and succeeding generations that they may remember our Christian heritage and live to raise the standard of our Pilgrim and Puritan fathers into its larger and fuller expression of individual liberty. The 1828 American Dictionary of the English Language by Noah Webster is another volume reprinted by FACE.

Stonesetters Education Tours Joshua commanded the twelve tribes of Israel to take a stone and set it as a reminder of how God parted the water and made dry ground for them to cross into the Promised Land, carrying the Ark of the Covenant. In the same manner, FACE invites visitors to tour the Hall-Slater Library to “remember” the markers set by our Founding Fathers that established our Christian Constitution and Biblical form of government. The Stonesetters Tour attracts visitors from the local community; patriots, pastors, teachers and homschoolers from around the nation; and international visitors. The Pebble Tour is a special version of the Stonesetters Tour developed for children, complete with costumed characters, reenacting some of the towering individuals that formed our nation’s thinking.

Take a moment to read a special letter from FACE president Carole Adams.

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