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The Bible: America's Source of Law and Liberty

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Lessons in Liberty is a series of lectures and courses sponsored by The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) to help citizens better understand the source of liberty in our American Christian Constitutional Republic. The speakers are authoritative and the lectures topical. Join like-minded patriots who love God’s Word, and together, master the “lessons of liberty” so you can be used of God to help bring every aspect of culture “captive to the obedience of Christ.”

Stephen McDowell
The Bible America's Source of Law and Liberty

Monday, September 11, 7:00-8:30 p.m. EDT

America has lost her memory, it has been aptly said.  The state of the nation has stirred all citizens whether liberal or conservative, Christian or secularist. Debate rages, rallies bully, endless accusations fly, but what isn’t heard is what has been forgotten: the origin and source of our American liberty which must be restored to mend the fabric of our nation today.

   Join us on September 11th and invite your friends to participate in a concise and well researched review of America’s transcendent greatness — you may learn what too many have forgotten.  

Stephen McDowell sets the record straight in this important presentation. You will be equipped to discuss and debate with family, co-workers and friends on the basis of history and principle the solution to today’s issues.

Stephen McDowell, co-founder and President of the Providence Foundation, has trained people from 100 countries to apply Biblical truth in all spheres of life. He has consulted with government officials, assisted in writing political documents and starting political parties, and aided in starting Christian schools and Biblical worldview training centers. He has authored and co-authored over 30 books, videos, and training courses including Liberating the Nations and America's Providential History. Stephen’s books and writings have been translated into 18 languages and distributed to more than one million people.

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A modest charge of $10 per lecture (individual or family) includes the live presentation, video-taped session and handouts. Or register for the entire 2017–2018 lecture series for $99 and save 36%.

Location: The Foundation for American Christian Education
4225 Portsmouth Boulevard, Chesapeake, Virginia 23321

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