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April 29, 2014 First Landing Day
The planting of the first permanent English colony on the shores of North America began on April 26, 1607 when 104 settlers and Parson Robert Hunt landed at Cape Henry.
0 No activity
Christian History and Government
This blog will facilitate the study of America's Christian history and her form of government--a Christian constitutional federal republic.
0 No activity
Discerning Moment
Timeless Truths from America's Treasury
47 6/5/2018
This blog features special messages from the Foundation for American Christian Education.
73 9/1/2016
PA Homeschool Mentoring Program
This is a private blog established for those individuals participating in the Principle Approach Homeschool Mentoring Program. Please do not respond to posts if you are not an active participant in this program. If you are interested in finding out more about the Principle Approach Homeschool Mentoring Program, please contact the Foundation at 800-352-3223 or by clicking the 'Contact Us' icon at the very top of the webpage.
0 No activity
Principle Approach Education
Leaders and master teachers explain the philosophy and methods of the Principle Approach to teaching and learning in all subjects and all grade levels.
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9/1/2017 » 8/31/2018
Lessons in Liberty Series 2017-18

6/25/2018 » 6/28/2018
Reclaiming True Education:

7/30/2018 » 8/3/2018
Renewing the Mind Principle Approach Teacher Training 2018

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