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• The PEERS Test
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For the last 25 years, the PEERS test, conducted by the Nehemiah Institute, a longtime partner of FACE, has been used to measure the understanding of the Christian worldview in families, schools, churches, businesses and political groups.

The PEERS test is like a Biblical SAT or ACT, giving students and adults a score for their understanding of subjects in relation to the teaching of the Bible. PEERS tests one’s Biblical understanding of the subjects of Politics, Education, Economics, Religion, and Social Issues.

The PEERS Trend Chart represents PEERS testing results of approximately 1,000 schools and 90,000 high school youth, in four different school settings, over a 25 year period. The results of the Nehemiah Institute’s testing has allowed them to chart the decline of Biblical Theism among Christian high school students, to be replaced by Secular Humanism and Socialism. The decline has been almost universal, except among students educated in what the Nehemiah Institute calls “worldview schools” such as those that use the Principle Approach.

The Principle Approach is America’s founding model of education that, among other excellent results, excels in producing a Biblical worldview in students. This has been empirically verified by 30+ years of PEERS testing. StoneBridge School, founded by FACE President Dr. Carole Adams, is a model school for the Principle Approach.

Dan Smithwick, president of the Nehemiah Institute, commended them in a letter to the school:

This is to congratulate the StoneBridge School seniors on achieving the #1 ranking among Christian schools in America participating in our Biblical worldview assessment program for the 2014–15 school year.
The seniors at StoneBridge School achieved the highest ranking in this school year with a 96.45 percentile rank. Of the 19 seniors, 79% scored in the Biblical Theism category which ranks as the highest achievement in the history of PEERS Testing.
StoneBridge School is leading the way in America for the restoration of our Judeo-Christian heritage. These results give evidence that the Principle Approach method of education will be the standard of training children and youth in the way they should go.

The Foundation for American Christian Education is proud of the accomplishments of StoneBridge School and thanks each teacher, administrator, board members and staff member for their tireless efforts to fulfill their mission to “restore the Christian character of the Republic… enabling each child to reach the fullest expression of his value in Christ through a Biblical Principle Approach Education.”

Learn more about the PEERS test and assess your own worldview at

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