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Reason for Hope 2015 Conference Schedule
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Tuesday, February 10, 7:00–8:00
Stonesetter Tour
We invite you to attend a free presentation at the Hall-Slater Library to learn more on how FACE is preserving and teaching the Christian principles that are the basis for our God-given liberties.

Wednesday, February 11
Leadership Breakfast—8:00–9:30
Join us for the Reason for Hope pre-conference Leadership Breakfast in the Founders Inn Hunt Room, adjacent to the Swan Terrace Restaurant. Re-connect with friends and network. Breakfast buffet is $12 per person (price subject to change).


Dr. Carole Adams with music by Margie Lyons

Session I—10:15–11:00
William Federer, Magna Charta: The Dawn of Liberty

Coffee Break—11:00–11:15

Session II—11:15–12:00
Rebecca Beach and Dr. Carole Adams, Finding the Real Common Core of American Christian Education: The Theology of American Liberty
DeToqueville said that the America he observed in the early 19th century was great because she was good. America’s early goodness is traced to her founding theology. Learn what that theology was, how it was taught, and how it can be the key to restoring America to her original goodness.

Swan Terrace Restaurant

Session III—1:00–2:00
William Federer, Liberty or Tyranny: Our Choice
We often do not realize the full value of things until they are lost, but must we lose our liberty to tyranny in order to realize the value of our freedom? Just how urgent is it to teach our children the priority of reclaiming and sustaining American liberty? What will happen if we do not ?

Coffee Break—2:00–2:15

Session IV—2:15–3:00
Dr. Gai Ferdon, Foreign Policy to Secure the Blessings of Life and Liberty
It does not require a Ph.D. in Political Science to make sense of the threatening world situation and prepare our children to deal with it, but it does require a worldview that begins with God. Learn basic principles that when applied to complex issues cut through the fog and bring clarity and resolution.

Coffee Break—3:00–3:30

Session V—3:30–4:30
Dr. Gai Ferdon, Foreign Policy to Secure the Blessings of Life and Liberty, Part II

Questions, discussion and application with the panel

Session VI—5:00–5:15
Chris Evans, The Providential Founding of America
America has a unique founding among all the nations on earth. What motivated the early settlers to colonize the “New World”?


Reason for Hope Banquet—6:30–8:30
Presentation of the Verna Hall Research Award and inspiring keynote address, The Triumph of Liberty by Bill Federer. The banquet is included with full conference registration. Those unable to attend the whole conference may still register for the banquet only. Cost is $40 per person. RSVP for this event is required by January 28, 2015.

Thursday, February 12
Music and Announcements—8:30–8:45

Session VII—8:45–10:00
Dan Smithwick, Principle Approach ® vs Common Core, What It Predicts
Dan will compare the cataclysmic failure of secular education with the advantages of the Principle approach, drawing insights from the PEERS Test and the writings of theologian John Gresham Machen and former New York City Teacher of the Year John Taylor Gatto, author of Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Education.

Session VIII—10:00–10:30
StoneBridge School Student Presentations
These students are models of Biblical reasoning and demonstrate the benefits of a Principle Approach education

Coffee Break—10:30–10:45

Session IX—10:45–11:45
Dr. Max Lyons, Free Men and Free Markets: Economics through the Lens of Scripture
What is the free market, what are its origins, and how does it contrast with socialism, its major competitor? How and why do a Biblical form of government (Christian self-government) and a Biblical economy (self-regulating markets) go hand in hand? What difference does the free market make?

Questions, discussion and application with the panel

Swan Terrace Restaurant

Session IX—1:15–2:15
Bishop E.W. Jackson, Racism: A Biblical Perspective


Session XI—2:45–3:45
Josh Bullard, The Principled Family, the Hope of Our Republic
Josh will investigate four questions: (1) What is the family? (2) What problems do we see in the family today? (3) Why are there problems with the family? (4) How can we be a part of God’s work of restoration? Learn how to lead families to be the hope of our Republic.

Questions, discussion and application with the panel

Max Lyons will provide an evaluation of the conference and close the proceedings

Friday, February 13—9:00-1:00
Jamestown Island Tour
Join us Friday for a special Christian History Tour of Jamestown Island led by historian Chris Evans. The tour fee is $25 per person. The tour includes visiting the actual site of the Jamestown Settlement, originally called James Cittie. Also included are the Glassblowing House, the Visitor’s Center, Jamestown Memorial Church, the Robert Hunt Shrine, Old Town and New Town ruins and the Archaearium consisting of displays of artifacts found at this original site. At the end of the tour, enjoy lunch on site at the Dale House Café. Most importantly, you will receive a presentation on the providential approach to the founding of this first permanent English settlement.

Schedule is subject to change.

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