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Nothing makes holidays more magical than "virtual” journeys of the mind and the heart—adventures! Heroes! Inspiration!  And the romance of learning new things and new places!  Give the gift of learning by giving great books!

The timeless classics that have stood the test of time never fail to inspire you and your family with models of Christian scholarship and character, world-changing courage, and great deeds done well! 

Reading aloud bonds the family, and, after Bible study, is the major factor in the home education of the heart as well as the mind. 

We have selected from our treasures, for one day only at the biggest discount we’ve ever offered, a list of spectacular and essential family resources.

Whether you’re shopping for gifts, looking for new inspiration for the classroom, seeking study tools or sets for a group or for personal study, or eager to grow in Christian scholarship—this list has just what you want!


Be inspired for your own study by the stellar speakers of the recent Christian Scholarship Conference, Virginia Beach.   

  • Christian Scholarship Conference Book & Audio Set: 
  • Christian Scholarship Conference Audio

Learn the indissoluble link between Christ and the U.S. Constitution

  • The Bible and the Constitution (Hardback)
  • The BIble and the Constitution (Paperback) sets for group study

How we got where we are as a nation and how to get back!

  • A Republic If You Can Keep It

The classic Christian history foundation for every family 

  • John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty
  • Christian History of the Constitution: Christian Self-Government &
    • Teaching and Learning America's Christian History
    • or The Christian History of the Constitution: Christian Self-Government with Union

Use reading aloud to form Christian character! 

  • The Family and the Nation Biblical Childhood
  •  Family Reading Aloud with Mother Carry's Chicken's & Joel
  • Classical Christmas

  • Of Courage Undaunted: Across the Continent with Lewis & Clark
  • Virginia's General: Robert E. Lee and the Civil War
  • Magna Charta
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Carry On Mr. Bowditch
  • Ivanhoe
  • To Have and To Hold 

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