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Reason for Hope 2016 Schedule
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Friday, November 11
Jamestown Island Tour, 10:00 am–2:00 pm
Join us Friday morning for a special Christian History Tour of Jamestown Island led by historian Chris Evans. This unique tour includes: Glassblowing House, the Visitor’s Center, Jamestown Memorial Church, the Robert Hunt Shrine, Old Town and New Town ruins and the Archaearium consisting of displays of artifacts found at this original site. At the end of the tour, enjoy lunch on site at the Dale House Café. Most importantly, you will receive a presentation on the providential approach to the founding of this first permanent English settlement. The tour fee is $25 per person.

Stonesetter Tour, 3:30–4:30 pm
We invite you to attend a free presentation at the Hall-Slater Library at our headquarters in Chesapeake to learn more on how FACE is preserving and teaching the Christian principles that are the basis for our God-given liberties.

Welcome and Keynote, 7:00–9:00 pm
Presentation of Verna Hall Research Award by Dr. Carole Adams at Life Center at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church

Keynote Address: Reason for Hope with Rod Martin
Is it too late to restore America? Can the tide of secularism be turned by our original principles? Christians painfully, and too often hopelessly, witness and experience the “gloom and doom” of present cultural indicators. What is the reason for hope? How do we arm ourselves with the wisdom and perspective to win when the battle is swift and the offense overwhelming in the war for the future of our nation?

Saturday, November 12
Music and Announcements, 8:30–8:45 am

It’s up to You with Jake MacAulay, 8:45–9:30 am
We look to politicians to take back our culture by judicial intervention, law-making, or imposing righteousness. Where does the responsibility lie? Who does God hold accountable for civil government in a constitutional Republic? How can we restore Christian self-government and character to the individual, to families, to churches and to the nation?

Republicanism vs. Socialism with Rod Martin, 9:35–10:20 am
Where is liberty? Most people cannot define either a republican form of government or socialism, much less understand these completely antithetical systems of civil government. As we rush toward more and more state control, the land of the free is becoming the land of the oppressed. Benjamin Franklin famously said that we must “keep a Republic. How do we become keepers of liberty and of our great constitutional Republic?

Break, 10:20–10:40 am, refreshments served

Education God’s Way with Dan Smithwick, 10:45–11:30 am
Have you noticed that each new reform for our educational problems seems to only make things worse? This always results in pleas for more money and power to go to Washington. Government will never fix something that God says is not under its jurisdiction. Good news! We have the solution to educate all of our children properly. We just need to have the vision, courage, and work ethic to implement it.

StoneBridge School student presentations, 11:35 am–12:00 pm, models of Principle Approach education

Lunch, 12:00–1:00 pm, boxed lunch included with registration

Capitalism vs. Planned Economy with Rod Martin, 1:00–1:45 pm
Can you articulate the difference between capitalism (the free market) and socialism (planned economy)? If you can’t you are in good company, as most Americans have no idea how a Biblically based economic system produced the United States of America, arguably the freest and most prosperous nation on earth. How can we restore the “free” market and enjoy the abundant blessings that God intends to bring to us through it?

Radical Islam: The Biblical Response with Bill Federer, 1:55–2:40 pm
Radical Islam has replaced Communism as the world’s greatest threat to our liberties. Most Muslims are peaceful, but some use the Koran to justify any means to establish a world-wide caliphate. How are Christians to react to this alarming threat and what principled policies do Biblically thinking Christians advocate?

Break, 2:40–3:00 pm, refreshments served

Human Sexuality Gone Wrong: The Biblical Response with Dr. Mark Jumper, 3:00–3:45 pm
The Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973 did not “decide the question of abortion.” The Obergefell vs. Hodges decision has a similar fate. Christians, however, face sobering realities in light of our culture’s rejection of Biblical marriage and family. Let’s act, rather than react, and let’s act Biblically.

Response and networking
Sessions will be followed with panel discussions and Q&A led by the presenters. There will also be plenty of time for networking with peers and exhibitors.

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