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Was Jesus a Socialist?
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Lessons in Liberty is a series of lectures and courses sponsored by The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE) to help citizens better understand the source of liberty in our American Christian Constitutional Republic. The speakers are authoritative and the lectures topical. Join like-minded patriots who love God’s Word, and together, master the “lessons of liberty” so you can be used of God to help bring every aspect of culture “captive to the obedience of Christ.”

Jim Wallis
Was Jesus a Socialist?

Monday, July 11, 2016
(Original presentation date)

This lecture explores the divergence of both Christianity and the Jewish people from their covenantal, Hebrew roots. This will help us answer the central question, “Was Jesus a Socialist?”, as well as related questions such as, “Was the early church communal in the modern Marxist sense?” “How about the Moses/Joshua Hebrew model, was it a republic or a theocracy?”

Jesus was not a socialist, but he was completely Jewish. Both the Hebrew and the New Covenant Scriptures are profoundly Jewish in their character and practice. Ironically, both the good examples of the Hebrew model, as well as the corrupted ones, can be traced in part, to Jewish or Hebrew roots. The American founding and the English system are positive examples. Our modern nation-states and their failed welfare schemes or the South African Apartheid state are negative ones. Our failed, democratic, socialist economies are based on the algebraic alchemy of Keynesian economics – specifically formulated as a rejection of Christian values.

Today, no nation follows the wholesome, life-giving model of the Hebrew Republic. Instead, we are socialists, both in our personal utilitarian ethics, and in our progressive civic practices. The only hope to counter the inevitable destructive effects of socialism lies in personal repentance to the Biblical God, to allow people free moral and economic choices, and to re-enter into personal, corporate, and civic covenants with Him.

James R. Wallis, Jr., is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP), and Adjunct Professor of Humanities and Religion at Averett University and DeVry University. Jim was a media professional and produced over 1,650 broadcast programs in English and Spanish, and was managing editor of The Christian American Newspaper. He now works as human learning professional and has developed training in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. He is currently working on a book series on political philosophy, The Hebrew Roots of Democracy, with a view to defend and revive a covenant/federalist perspective in our polities.

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