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Do You Have a Founders' World View?
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Gary Porter
Do You Have a Founder’s World View?
Monday, May 18, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Jefferson called the Declaration of Independence “an expression of the American mind.” He claimed it brought together the “harmonizing sentiments” of the day. What were those sentiments? They were ideas concerning politics, economics, education, society (including the nature of man in society) and even religion.

Our founding documents have embedded within them ideas drawn from these “sentiments.” Today we call an amalgamation of those sentiments a “worldview.” Every thinking human being has a worldview, whether they realize it or not. A worldview is the result of our education, our upbringing, our culture and our life’s experiences. Worldviews are not static; they change as we are confronted by new information and experiences.

Because our educational system and our culture today is so vastly different from that of the Founders, Americans today tend to have worldviews vastly different from those who envisioned and founded this great nation. Yet, if you want to truly understand our founding documents, like the Declaration and the Constitution, it is helpful to first try to understand the worldview which produced these documents. In “Do You Have a Founders' Worldview?” Gary Porter, Executive Director of the Constitution Leadership Initiative and volunteer docent at The Foundation for American Christian Education will assemble, from their writings, what the Founders would consider to be their “worldview.” Come see how yours compares.

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A modest charge of $5 (individual or family) helps defray our expenses including an honorarium for our visiting scholars. Class size is limited to 40 classroom participants and 100 online connections.

Location: The Foundation for American Christian Education, 4225 Portsmouth Blvd., Chesapeake, Virginia 23321.

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