George Washington: a Man of Christian Character

February 15, 2019 Live or Online. You are cordially invited to a FACE Pebblesetters Tour on February 15, 2019 entitled George Washington, a Man of Christian Character. This free presentation will be from 10:30-11:45 am in the FACE classroom in Chesapeake Virginia. It will also be live streamed for FACE homeschoolers, teachers and parents across … Continue reading “George Washington: a Man of Christian Character”

Partnering with Australia

At Christmastime, FACE hosted Australian Principle Approach educator Michael Alan-Ross for five days. Michael was in America for three weeks learning more about the Principle Approach and the Christian history of our nation. He plans to use this inspiration and training to expand the scope of the Principle Approach in his native country. Michael visited … Continue reading “Partnering with Australia”

We pray blessing for you in the New Year!

Here at FACE, we are looking forward to 2019 with great anticipation as we press deeper into the next level of work God has for us. In 2018, we had tremendous opportunity to reflect and think about our vision and how God is moving in the hearts and minds of so many across the country and internationally … Continue reading “We pray blessing for you in the New Year!”

December: a month of Celebrations

Three very important Christian holidays are celebrated in the month of December. These are great opportunities to teach our children, those in church, family members, or your class.  Bill of Rights Day, celebrated on December 15th, commemorates the ratification of the first ten amendments by Virginia in 1791. Virginia was the tenth state to ratify, … Continue reading “December: a month of Celebrations”

A Timeless Devotional Gift

Value of the Bible: A Biblical Constitutional Catechism is a timeless devotional and the perfect Christmas gift for families, pastors or patriots. Prepared by Noah Webster, this unique volume encourages us to come to know God as the Word of God explains Him, presenting the whole counsel of God with an ease of style that no other … Continue reading “A Timeless Devotional Gift”

It’s not easy saying goodbye

On November 28th the FACE staff said goodbye to Melissa Davidson, our Sales and Customer Associate. Melissa served diligently and faithfully for 18 years in Christian education, four years at StoneBridge School and 14 years at FACE. She will be sorely missed for many reasons but most of all for the excellent, principled  and Godly … Continue reading “It’s not easy saying goodbye”

Teaching the Seven Pillars of Principle Approach Education

1. God’s Principle of Individuality: God’s Design and Purpose In the beginning God created living creatures… after their own kind… Genesis 1: 25   But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually just as He wills. I Corinthians 12:11 Everything in God’s universe is revelational of God’s infinity, of … Continue reading “Teaching the Seven Pillars of Principle Approach Education”

When I was young I thought the chaos was fun.

by Ben Gilmore– Tomorrow is my 89th birthday.  As I look back along that long path, many thoughts come to mind.  I think of the incredible individuals that God has brought across my path to inspire and guide me.  I recall the many times that the hand of God has moved to save my life.  (Those are just the ones of which … Continue reading “When I was young I thought the chaos was fun.”

How to teach Christian Character this Thanksgiving

Everyone loves stories, and telling stories is one of the most powerful ways to teach. It was the teaching method modeled by Jesus throughout the Gospels and proved to be one of the most instructive ways He mentored the disciples. The Thanksgiving season is the opportune time to teach the much-loved, Christian history classic, The … Continue reading “How to teach Christian Character this Thanksgiving”