The Foundation for American Christian Education: Book of the Month, The Reason for the Season

A half-century ago two ladies in San Francisco, Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater, inaugurated the noble purpose of restoring to American Christians the research and documentation of our Founders. Their discovery was astounding—America was an inherently Christian nation with a form of civil government based on Biblical principles. Their endeavors led to the formation of The Foundation for American Christian Education to continue this original research and publish the results. Not knowing the future, the “Ladies”, by God’s Providential Hand, had prepared a repository to preserve the story of America’s Biblical founding for future generations.

Today, the profound negative cultural and political transformation of our nation is unbelievable. These extreme and startling alterations are the outworking of aggressive secularization. Our traditions and institutions are vigorously attacked daily in the mass media and even by some of our elected officials. Knowledge of our Christian foundation is being systematically wiped from the hearts and minds of our children.

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