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What Keeps Us Free

Most Americans have never been taught the real truth and genius of our U.S. Constitution—an extraordinary document rooted in the Christian idea of man and government, and that the fundamental principles of sacredness of life, liberty and property are at the very heart of self and civil government.

Some have said, next to the Holy Bible, it is the most important document that has ever been written for the benefit of mankind. This is the document that guarantees each American the protection of cherished, God-given life, and to the extent that the internal and external principles of the Constitution are applied, we experience liberty, justice and prosperity.

Today, American citizens are increasingly fed up with their government. We observe shocking waste of taxpayer money, and bureaucrats regulating and limiting freedoms. Debate rages over what the Constitution allows the government to do. How did we reach this point?

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We the People: Stand With Us and Safeguard His Story

We the People Keepers of Liberty: Biblical Law and the United States Constitution is a collection of eight essays reflecting on our Constitution by noted scholars, such as Verna Hall, Rosalie Slater, Gary Amos, Stephen McDowell and Charles Wolfe. With your gift of $100 or more we will send you this insightful 175-page book, a must to read and ponder for all who love learning, truth and liberty. Your gift will also help preserve and restore irreplaceable resources documenting the Christian idea of man and government expressed in our American constitutional republic. These resources, housed in The Hall- Slater Library and Teaching Center, serve as the fountainhead for the work of FACE — preserving, teaching and planting the seeds of Christian self-government and liberty. Your support is vital as we prepare a new generation of Patriots. Thank you for standing with us.

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