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Back-to-School, Part II

Posted By Connie Moody, Monday, August 20, 2012

In Back-to-School, Part I, we examined a principled definition of education and realized that most of us are not really equipped to teach our children due to our flawed education; we are likely, rather, to perpetuate that to which we are accustomed.  We were left with this thought:


So, am I hopelessly unable to truly educate my His children?


Absolutely not! 


God is in the business of renewal, restoration, and redemption, and He has given us His Spirit.  You are His child and He intends to enlighten your understanding, correct your temper, and form your manners and habits, and fit you for usefulness in the Divine mandate of educating of His children—of perfecting the saints, and He will re-educate you and allow you the blessing of hard work to do it!


Okay.  I get it.  What must I do for my own re-education?


You will begin a journey of three simple—but not easy—steps.  Here they are:


STEP ONE:     Learn the Methods of Christian Scholarship

STEP TWO:    Use the Methods to Establish a Basis—A Foundation of a Christian Philosophy

                            (Worldview) of Education


These two steps may take three years or even more.  But every step begins with just that, a step.  And every journey is accomplished one step at a time in the right direction— toward the goal.


STEP THREE:  Build Your Learning and Teaching of the School Subjects on this Firm  

                            Foundation.  Begin with Christian History and Government.


This step takes a lifetime, but you'll be able to begin even while moving forward in Steps 1 &2.  There are many publications available that provide models of research, reasoning, and relating that you'll be able to use for your own learning and with your children.  Don't worry. 
God will see to it that you and the children He has entrusted to you are provided for
and prepared for His purposes.


Like all of us, you must be intentional about your own re-education.  You must invest time, hard work, and resources for your own studies—to have your understanding enlightened, your mind transformed.  The principle is simple: You cannot give what you do not own; it is not yours to give.  And, remember, it is good that a student is as his teacher—that he become what you are! (Matthew 10:24, 25)


Wait a minute!  Three years . . . a Lifetime!

 "I have children to teach tomorrow!  I don’t have this kind of time!”


The one thing that God has given the same amount of to everyone is time, at least on a daily basis.  We all have twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, twelve months a year.  Granted the days of our lives are numbered.  What will you do with yours?


The tyranny of the urgent almost always tempts us to choose expediency over the excellence and right-away over just plain right.  Part of the agenda of progressive education has been rendering the family insufficient and inefficient in its ability to teach the next generation.  Reflect on Webster’s definition of ‘education’ and on Miss Slater’s challenge.  From what basis will you "teach” tomorrow?  If it is not from the firm foundation of God’s Word illuminating His principles, then it is progressive in nature—it is conformed to this world (even if Bible verses appear on the worksheets).


The Holy Scriptures caution us, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3) And, "Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” (Psalm 127:1)  We are also supplied with this principle of cause to effect, "Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23) So, again, from what foundation will you teach tomorrow?  Anything ‘instructed’ and ‘constructed’ on a shaky foundation will eventually crumble and fall.  What do you truly understand about God’s purposes, ways, and means of education?  This must be your firm foundation.


We can suggest ways to "do” schooling with your children for a season while you are also learning and growing in His wisdom.  We can help you see ways to begin using what you are learning with your children.  But we cannot give you a pass on this essential FIRST STEP.  You must have a firm foundation that will endure through hardships, issues, feelings, and circumstances.  You must become the living textbook—the producer of a Christian curriculum.  Don’t worry.  It’s not about publishing textbooks.  It’s about the mastery you will gain and be able to give as you Research, Reason, Relate, and Record to see the very Hand and Heart of God in all subjects.


Okay.  I see that this will be a WORTHY INVESTMENT

How do I get started?


GET CONNECTED! (This is just another way of saying Relate as in Relationships)


Get connected to God.

Get connected to Others.

Get connected to Ideas of Consequence.


Get connected to God.  You probably already have a relationship with Christ and, hopefully, a steady life of feeding on His Word, prayer, fellowship, and devotion.  But if you’re still reading this, you’ve got the vision for the Principle Approach in your home education, and you see the reality of the good work ahead, and you’re very probably feeling overwhelmed.  Those are all indications that you need to plug in and supercharge!  You need to lean into your faith, dig into the Word—meditate on it, pray for enlightenment and endurance, and seek the fellowship of His people called according to His purpose.  This is where the next connection comes in:


Get connected to Others, not just any others, but others who share the vital force of internal principles and convictions.  This doesn’t mean you abandon the networks, community, and family God has provided, but it does mean expanding that sphere to include those who can walk with you and share with you in this mission of homeschooling using the Principle Approach.  Get connected to others by joining in The Principle Approach Commonwealth CommUNITY and participating in the exchange of ideas in the blogs and forums.  You can also connect to other members who share particular circumstances or situations and message them directly.


In addition, you can join a Lamad (Hebrew for ‘teach’) Guided Study Group to meet regularly (and perhaps virtually) with like-minded parents to learn under the direction of an experienced Principle Approach study leader.  Joining a study group is a great way to gain access to all online training along with the support needed to realize the most benefit from them.  You’ll also find that sharing testimonies will inspire you.  Contact Connie Moody at the Foundation for more information.


The fact is that the feeling of being overwhelmed will confront you daily (if not more frequently) like the waves of God’s ocean.  Getting connected to others will support and encourage you to not grow weary or faint but to wait on the Lord and persist in His power and strength.  


Get connected to Ideas of Consequence.  Hmmm, sounds impressive, but what does this mean?  Simply put, this means considering, pondering, and studying ideas (internal thoughts) that have consequence (external and eternal impact).  In this case, this means gaining a Biblical worldview (philosophy) of Christian scholarship and education and then applying this to your study of the school subjects first as a learner, then as a teacher guiding the next generation of learners (who will then become teachers).


We have developed and organized lots of resources, courses and study guides for enlightening your understanding, correcting your temper, forming your manners and habits, and fitting you to learn and teach using the Principle Approach.  These are available to you through the Principle Approach Commonwealth CommUNITY—the FREE online resource library and community of like-minded folks.  As a member of the CommUNITY, you can examine resources or enroll in courses independently or as part of a study group—whichever best suits your learning style and personal situation.  The imperative is to have your mind transformed by the renewing of your ideas about education, teaching and learning, and the principles of the school subjects at hand.


The essential beginning studies available through our online Training Series are The Noah Plan® Self-Directed Study (The SDS is available in soft-bound book, download, or online course format; see informational flyer attached) and The Philosophy and Methods of the Principle Approach: Foundations (click the course title for more information)You can pursue these studies independently or as part of a guided group study with other homeschooling parents.  Other courses and resources await in the Training Series for further studies after these first essentials.  For more information, contact Connie Moody.


Going Back-to-School in Three Simple, But Not Easy, Steps.

Let the Journey Begin!

Download File (PDF)

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Rosalinda Tenorias (Nastor) says...
Posted Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Education is a team cannot educate the younger generation if you yourself do not understand how to teach them reliance to God, connection with God's people and the and it each to be Christ goes with the saying that you cannot give what yo don't have....You cannot teach them the Principles of Christ if you do not live His principles which connects to the Biblical viewpoint.
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