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What Keeps Us Free

Posted By Carole Adams, Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Updated: Thursday, September 24, 2015

Most Americans have never been taught the real truth and genius of our U.S. Constitution—an extraordinary document rooted in the Christian idea of man and government, and that the fundamental principles of sacredness of life, liberty and property are at the very heart of self and civil government.

Some have said, next to the Holy Bible, it is the most important document that has ever been written for the benefit of mankind. This is the document that guarantees each American the protection of cherished, God-given life, and to the extent that the internal and external principles of the Constitution are applied, we experience liberty, justice and prosperity.

Today, American citizens are increasingly fed up with their government. We observe shocking waste of taxpayer money, and bureaucrats regulating and limiting freedoms. Debate rages over what the Constitution allows the government to do.

How did we reach this point? The answer is “ignorance of the very clear limits that the U.S. Constitution places on government.” We have forgotten what we were taught in school, or worse, we never learned the basics of that document. 

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said, “What has made us free is our Constitution. Think of the word ‘constitution.’ It means structure.” He went on to say that the Framers of our Constitution did not debate the Bill of Rights in 1787. Those do not keep us free. It is the structure of the federal government, the balance of power, that places limits on each branch that keeps us free. The true genius of our Constitution is that dispersal of power, not centralized power, is at the heart of that structure.

Sadly, we see that the structure of our government that Justice Scalia discussed is being hijacked. Instead of observance of our written Constitution, the law of the land, we are startled that the power structure in our nation has become more centralized in the Oval Office and confirmed by an activist Supreme Court. The result has been truly alarming:

  • An out of control federal budget plunging our country into debt, even though the Constitutional idea was to discharge debt as quickly as possible in times of peace and prosperity

  • An unprotected border allowing illegal immigration through presidential fiat, resulting in increased public assistance spending, lawlessness and violence

  • The sacredness of marriage as defined Biblically and historically between a man and woman has been destroyed in the name of the Constitution

  • Innocent lives have been sacrificed through abortion and their body parts trafficked in the name of healthcare rights purportedly guaranteed by the Constitution

  • Lawless contracts are signed with foreign entities who export terror and threaten nuclear proliferation endangering our nation and closest allies, skirting the demand of the Constitution that these be called treaties that must be confirmed by Congress

What does the Constitution really say, and how do we return to a Biblical, self-governing republic as documented in the original draft? It is essential that the original ideals of our governing document be preserved and sustained, and every generation of Americans educated in these ideals.

One important aspect of our work at FACE is The Hall-Slater Library and Teaching Center—over 12,000 primary sources relating to the founding and establishment of our nation during the colonial era. This extensive collection was developed over many years of research, each volume being hand picked to document America’s Christian history, the Christian idea of man that values life at every stage, and the history of the ideas that formed the design of the U.S. Constitution. It has become a primary resource for thousands of students, educators, authors, statesmen, ministers, and others documenting and teaching the role of Biblical principles in the founding of our nation.

The Hall-Slater Library and Teaching Center is a vibrant beacon of light and hope against the darkness that threatens to envelope our nation. I need your help in preserving these archives that teach today’s Christian Patriots, and our children, the truth about America’s founding era.

For example, we have an original translation of the Wycliffe Bible, Blackstone’s treatise on Common Law, Montesquieu’s brilliant understanding of “separation of power and balance of power,” and John Locke’s writings on self-government. These ideas, embodied in our U.S. Constitution, were hard won by our Founders and colonial forebears and are held dearly by Patriots today.

Your gift today will help preserve this valuable resource and continue the mission of FACE to teach, publish and prepare the next generation of Americans for self and civil government. Your generosity will ensure that this priceless collection will support many more generations of research—and the fulfillment of the mission of FACE.

As we stand against the erosion of the principles of our Constitution, the written law of the land, your continued support is vital. We must act now before it is too late!

  • While the Washington elite work to centralize power, let us teach the balance of power as laid out in the Constitution.

  • As political parties jockey to tout the latest ideas to take over healthcare or the educational goals of our children, let us retain the idea of local government as the source of public policy.

  • When media pundits tout immoral and disgusting laws that allow for marriage of same-sex partners, or the killing and trafficking of unborn children and their body parts, let us hold fast to the ideas of Biblical morality and character, because only that will allow us to maintain our Christian self-government with liberty.

Will you join with me today? Your gift will further the work of FACE and The Hall-Slater Library and Teaching Center. When you enclose a gift of $100 or more, I will send you We the People: Keepers of Liberty—Biblical Law and the United States Constitution. This 175-page book contains reproductions of original essays and articles by noted authors, including Verna Hall, Gary Amos, Stephen McDowell and others, reprinted from the archives of The Hall-Slater Library and Teaching Center. 

Articles, such as “The Christian Roots of Our Constitution,” “Montesquieu and the Spirit of Laws,” and “Warren Burger and the Christian History of the U.S. Constitution,” will enlighten and renew your understanding of our founding document. You will be equipped and emboldened to give a defense to the many onslaughts to the law of our land.

We have no time to lose to protect our free, constitutional Republic and our children.

Please respond today with your most generous gift of any amount. It is deeply appreciated and will be gratefully acknowledged. Thank you for standing with us as we teach, publish, and preserve the principles that will keep us free.

With your immediate gift of $100 or more you will receive We the People: Keepers of Liberty and will help preserve dozens of irreplaceable historic documents in The Hall-Slater Library. We must educate today’s Christian Patriots, but most of all our children, America’s hope and future.

The Library's irreplaceable collection must be protected to ensure that the ideas and principles that flourished during our nation’s founding, and resulted in the U.S. Constitution, will always be accessible for today’s and future generations. It is our responsibility as Americans to preserve it! May God bless you!

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