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Principle Approach® Training Series

The On-line Training in the Principle Approach® allows you to arrange your studies around your schedule.  If you are already a member of the Principle Approach Commonwealth CommUNITY then you can register for an on-line course by simply clicking the ENROLL NOW button.  If you have not yet joined the CommUNITY, then JOIN NOW to participate in the largest group of dedicated Principle Approach teachers, administrators, homeschoolers, and patriots committed to restoring America's principles of liberty and historic method of education. 


The Philosophy & Methods of the Principle Approach: Foundations

On-line Training Course


Course Description

The Philosophy and Methods of the Principle Approach: Foundations is the first in a series of training courses developed by the Foundation for American Christian Education and designed to promote mastery of the Biblical philosophy and methodology of the Principle Approach, as well as restore a providential view of America’s Christian history, government and Gospel purpose. This Foundations Course is comprised of nine topical units of study or sessions which specifically lay the foundation of the philosophy and model the distinct methods of the Principle Approach. The sessions are designed sequentially, each building upon the previous study.  The investment of your effort to study and learn will produce the fruit of understanding, wisdom and expertise in implementing the Principle Approach to teaching and learning in any setting or sphere of influence, as well as further establishing your Biblical Christian worldview.

For more information about this course and the required texts:  Click here.

Course cost: $149.99

Five ACSI Continuing Education Units are available after completion of this course. ($10.00 additional certificate generation fee)

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Renewing the Mind: The Self-Directed Study in the Principle Approach

Online Version

Course Description

Renewing the Mind: Self-Directed Study Group features a downloadable copy of the book and audio files (a $24.95 value). This text-based study is a succinct overview of the Biblical foundations and basic methods of the Principle Approach. Included in the nine lessons are "Gaining the Mind of Christ in Education,” "Our Heritage of Christian Education,” and "Education for the 21st Century: The Principle Approach.”  

Participating in the online study group provides blogs and forums to allow scholars engaged in the Self-Directed Study opportunities for dialog and exchange. Master Teachers and members of the FACE staff also participate in the online discussions and answer questions posted by group members.

For more information on the required texts:  Click here.

Course cost: $49.99

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The Authentic Principle Approach: 4-R'ing the Seven Principles

Online Training Course

Course Description

This ten-session course presents the specific strategies and tools for each of the four steps of the 4-R'ing method: Research, Reason, Relate, and Record that will increase the understanding of this method of scholarship as it is applied to a deep personal study of the Seven Principles of America's Christian History and Government.  Course participants have access to the blog and forum for discussing and sharing.

For information on required texts for this course, click here.  

Course cost: $74.99

Two ACSI Continuing Education Units are available after completion of this course. ($10.00 additional certificate generation fee)

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Mastering Providential History: The Pilgrim Study

Online Training Course

Course Description

The Pilgrim story is a magnificent illustration of God's Providence in history and a special legacy to be treasured by all Americans and Christians as a "goodly inheritance."

"The Pilgrims relied on God.  They lived as Christian in all their avenues of activity.  In their economics they kept their agreements.  They invested their labor and industry in order to become self-sustaining and free from debt and the Lord prospered their endeavors.  Their government was based upon the 'covenant' or compact, of the two great commandments and this self-government was expressed in Christian unity.  As students of the Bible they taught their children, and this knowledge of the Word became the first practice and establishment of Christian education in the New World." (T&L, p. 197)

This course will equip you to first learn and then teach the Pilgrim story by principles and from a Providential view by gaining a better understanding of how God formed and used this mighty link on His Chain of Christianity®.

For information on required texts for this course, click here.

Course cost: $74.99

Two ACSI Continuing Education Units are available after completion of this course. ($10.00 additional certificate generation fee)

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